Organic Goji Facial Mist

MAYAWATER Organic Goji is made with Norwegian thermal spring water, white tea, and goji. The plant pigment contains two powerful antioxidants called lutein and anthocyanin, protecting the skin cells from premature aging.

Free radicals that break down the cells in our body, resulting in what is elegantly called maturity, can be counteracted by antioxidants–eaten and applied.

The goji berry originates from Tibet and is recognised as one of the most nutritious and healthy berries. Being rich in proteins and vitamin A, C and E, and containing eighteen different types of amino acids, twenty types of minerals and vitamins, iron, zinc, and phosphorus and riboflavin (B2), MAYAWATER Organic Goji will both freshen you up and fight free radicals.

The beta-carotene pigment found in goji is excellent together with SPF when sunbathing for an even and longer lasting tanned skin.

Shake well to activate the concentration, spray 6-8 inches away from face to calm stressed-out skin.


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