As with many products, I have had to source the best skin care products outside of the Norwegian borders, until one fine day the idea arose for MAYAWATER.

The idea was influenced by a critical back operation, forcing me to re-assess my future and career plans as a makeup artist. During my stay at the hospital following the medical procedure, I had the urge to constantly spray my face with Evian Facial Spray to remain hydrated due to the dry air. After many applications, I thought ‘why doesn't Norway have this product, with its renowned reputation for the most pure and healthy mineral water in the world?’. As time went on following my return home from the hospital, I couldn’t shake off the idea for the Norwegian sourced facial water. After ten years of dedication and perseverance the dream has streamed into a reality.

It is true that the road to success is long and hard, but through every step in the journey I am filled with joy knowing that I achieved my dream. I have a saying, ‘behind every great woman, is herself,’ however, the saying is redundant in this case. For even though the idea is my own, I could never have executed it without my partner, Thomas Kalleberg. Over the last five years, we have together developed the product, Maya Water Facial Mist. Whats more, we were fortunate enough to be awarded funding from Innovation Norway.

Another important man who made this all possible is the Senior Creative Director for LoveChild Ltd.; Kenneth Hansen. His knowledge and vision has been invaluable in the creation of Maya Water’s image and design.

The Maya Water project would not have succeeded without pursuing the most important aspect, finding the finest sourced water in Norway. We travelled the length and breadth of Norway, and tested many potential sources. We were unanimous on Skogshorn in Hemsedal, owned by Knut Hjelmen. Skogshorn water provided all of the qualities we were in search of in order to begin production of Maya Water.

It has been an exciting journey, that has lead me to meet some wonderful people along the way, who collectively, have made this possible.


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