It is with my greatest honour to present you with the first spring-sourced facial mist infused with antioxidants–the easiest way to instantly hydrate and maintain moisture throughout the day! As an experienced makeup artist applying my craft to renowned celebrities for 30 years, my philosophy has always represented the importance of achieving fresh and beautiful skin with both internal and external treatments. With its unique nozzle for optimal delivery, MAYAWATER was created to be worn over makeup and to improve the radiance of your skin.

From the pure Skogshorn spring in Hemsedal, Norway, MAYAWATER Facial Mist is steeped in beauty-rich elements and minerals. This Norwegian beauty thermal spring water binds hydration to revitalise, protect and refresh the skin and senses. With the unique addition of pure organic white tea, goji and acai to offer an active antioxidant boost. These properties travel from spring to bottle in 2 days, delivering the freshest facial mist available on the market.

With just one spritz the mist calms and revitalises the skin, makeup is set, and relaxation is induced. Perfect for all skin types, seasons, and on the go lifestyles. MAYAWATER is a complementing addition to your favourite skin care products. I hope you enjoy the MAYAWATER experience, anywhere–every moment.



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