4 reasons you need a facial mist

October 30, 2017

4 reasons you need a facial mist

Facts are facts, and this one is undeniable: everybody needs a facial mist. Whether you incorporate one into your morning routine, ongoing beauty routine or even just travel routine, using a mist would do you good. Here are four reasons why:

1. Set your makeup

You know that fresh, dewy look you have right after you put on your makeup? A facial mist will help you look that way all day, every day! With a fresh spray during your lunch hour, after the gym or before going out, you’ll be sure to keep that sparkling sheen and energetic glow wherever you go. Our favorite mist for makeup setting is Maywater’s Pure Facial Mist.

2. Hydrate your skin

It’s common for skin to get dryer in the fall and winter months, so a facial mist is a good thing to have on hand to maintain your skin’s moisture. A facial mist is a perfect “on-the-go” exterior hydrator. Who wants to slap on moisturizer when you only have a minute or two to refresh yourself? Revitalise your dry, tired skin with a quick spray -- it’ll take you less than 10 seconds!

Boost your energy

Stress isn’t good for any part of your body, least of all your skin. Stress releases the hormone cortisol, which can lead to breakouts (no thanks!) An easy way to instantly increase your energy is with a refreshing spritz of facial mist. A calming spray, like our Organic White Tea facial mist, offers a quick “pick me up” anytime you need it. Bonus: the cells on your skin will benefit from the anti-inflammatory catechins found in the white tea. While you’re at it, have a glass of white tea as well!

Be prepared (just in case)

Water is the world’s most precious resource -- and it’s never a bad idea to have pure Norwegian thermal spring in your bag in the event of an emergency! Our facial mists have saved us in so many different situations, like:

  • On an airplane during a long flight when we were dying to wash our face and feel refreshed (that recycled airplane air is no good for the skin)
  • After a lunch-hour gym visit when the showers weren’t working and we needed to dash back to the office
  • During a long hike when we needed to soothe our skin after a long day under the sun

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