What Norwegian girls know about beauty

October 11, 2017

What Norwegian girls know about beauty

Norwegians are known for creating stunning designs, living healthy lifestyles and inhabiting one of the most beautiful places on earth (oh hello, fjords!) What’s our secret? Well, less is more. Just like the minimalist design and decor we’re known for, we apply the same principle to our beauty habits.

Want to know a little secret? It’s in the water...no, really!

Allow us to explain: Beauty is all about flawless skin, right? And flawless skin is all about hydration...see where we're going with this? Keeping skin hydrated is the key.  Some of us enjoy intense topical hydration like natural thermal baths and steams, our Scandinavian day spas, or even jumping into the ocean to stimulate circulation. As we move into fall and winter, staying hydrated is now more important than ever! Can’t make it to the spa? Meet your skin’s new best friend: the facial mist.

Norwegian women know that hydration --inside and out -- is a fundamental component of any beauty routine.

To hydrate your insides, it’s crucial you ensure you drink enough water. In fact, health experts recommend drinking eight 8-ounce glasses every day, which equals about 2 litres.

To protect your skin on the outside during cold weather, it's essential to keep it moist and nourished. This becomes even more important as we hibernate inside during the fall and winter months, as the air inside buildings is recycled and can be stuffy, causing skin to dry out and flake. To combat this, try our Facial Mist in Pure (pure, Norwegian spring-sourced water) or our Organic antioxidant infusions. Most people don’t know that white tea contains even more antiaging polyphenols than green tea, while goji and acai berries are rich in antioxidants offering protection, treatment and repair of cell damage (translation: improved skin health). MAYAWATER products are even certified by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, which means they are so pure that you can drink them. MAYAWATER truly offers direct antioxidant and H2O infusion, both inside and out! #SprayYourBeauty


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